Sunday, October 14, 2007

Holy Vikes!!

Vikings beat Chicago?

No "#%$#" !

I wouldn't have bet on them.
I haven't been much of a fan ever since they traded
Randy Moss.
But I did watch most of today's game, and watching Adrian Peterson,
I just might have a new Randy.
I am not going to jump on any bandwagon yet.
I am just going to watch and enjoy.

Next week they play Dallas, and that isn't going to be easy,
especially when The Goddess of the Universe is using her magic down in Texas..

Dallas lost today, but hey they were playing against Brady and Moss.

Sorry Granny!!


alan said...

I was rather shocked when my Chiefs won as well...perhaps things aren't as bleak as I feared!


Anonymous said...

I have Adrian Peterson on my fantasy football team!!! He got me 43 points and if Jeremy Schockey does ok tonight, I should be able to pull off another win.


Misty said...

I don't watch sports much..but wanted to check in and see how you were. How is your cold? I hope it's better!! Having green tea? :)

Green tea said...

Thanks ((Misty))..lots and lots of Green tea.. :D