Saturday, September 01, 2007

"Another Saturday Night"

I'm sure everyone is sick of me whining because TGIF closed near us,
when I say near, I mean within a mile of our house.
Not only did they have a good Happy Hour,
they had the neatest bunch of kids working there you could ever meet.
When we walked through the door we felt at home.
Some of them are transferring to the new store, but it will be about a month before they open.
Last night we drove to another TGIF about 10 miles away.
It was good, and one of the managers use to be at our home TGIF.
There were a couple of the regulars that were also there from our old place.
So we talked, and will probably go back at least till the new one opens in a month that will be a couple miles closer.
Problem with both of them is driving, so we have to limit our selves to 2 drinks.

Tonight Hubba wanted to go someplace again and we didn't want to drive far.

First we headed for the old faithfull VFW..knowing they wouldn't have the slightest idea on how to make a Cosmo, I agreed to go over there anyway.
I figured I could always find something to drink, vodka something.

We walked through the door and were not only hit with the gross smell of heavy cigarette smoke, but also heat.
I asked " What happened to the air conditioner?"
The old guy at the door said
From the smell of the place I figured so was the ventilation system.
Needless to say we did not stay.

(Minnesota has a current smoking ban that does not cover private clubs.
a new ban that will, starts Oct. 1st)

Next stop was a bar and grill under new management.

We had heard some things about it, but decided to check for ourselves.
The old place had a terrible reputation,
fights between different ethnic groups.
Drug deals,
police there all the time.
They had lost their bar license and chose to sell.
Another friend of ours said the new place was being strict about a dress code.
(meaning they didn't want certain ethnic groups in there)
They wanted to change their image, well they certainly did.
When we walked in the door we were blasted with loud country music coming
from a new fancy juke box.
Most of the people in the bar were wearing t-shirts and jeans
"Dress Code must mean Red Neck clothes"
Because thats what the place looked like
"Redneck Alley"
should have been the new name.
We ordered a drink and got 2 for the price of one.
"Oh goody" I thought, I really wanted to leave.
It was like a bad first date.
Slowly Hubba leaned over and said

" I don't think we'll come back here anytime soon."

We both laughed, when we left we decided to try the bar at the bowling alley
on our way home.
It has always been a busy place and no where to sit.
Young crowd mostly and a few drop ins from near by motels.

Not tonight we were with a crowd of maybe 10 other people.
(The bartender blamed it on Holiday weekend)

The quiet was nice, the popcorn was good and the bartender had worked at another place we use to go to.
I had a lemonade and discussed my reluctance to pay 5.00 to 7.00 for a cosmo.
When we got our bill to leave,he told me when we came back and he would discount my cosmos.

Well I certainly can't turn that offer down, now can I,
it may be a couple weeks before we can get back there, but we will.

It was fun to get out of our rut and explore a little.


Heidi said...

I usually do the same ole same ole...It's good to get out of the same " rut" once in a while..Glad you enjoyed.

Have a great long weekend!

alan said...

Ruts are easily settled into and there is much to be said for comfort; I'm glad you aren't afraid to try new things!


Jessica Foster said...

A cosmo, done well, is worth the cash.