Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Chicks


alan said...

Can't fire the speakers right now or I'll wake Dottie up, but I bought their last album though I hadn't bought a country album since they were LP's...something about making a point...


Green tea said...

I think The Chicks have crossed over
in the music world,
I'm not a big country fan either, though I do love Reba and Kelly Clarkson'ss duet, "Because of You"
I think it is going to win a CMA and maybe even a Grammy.

Anonymous said...

I too, bought the Dixi Chicks' last CD just to make a point. I never listen to country, but I do like their CD.

John said...

Thanks for posting this. I have never seen it before and I am a country music fan. I don't care for the chicks. For the record I never did. With the comments they made it just added to my feelings.

The seen the vidio sets is just more prove that the chicks care more about a political statement tnen singing. Mush like the DFLERS.

Green tea said...

Poor John, he doesn't have a clue.
Nobody is more political with their music then Charley Daniels or Toby Keith..
Guess it depends on where your beliefs are
Thats what is great about this country, we have the choice to listen to what we want.

John said...

First do you listen to Charlie is far from being conservitive. Toby Keith is and he is with some of his music and that is fine. Toby however cares more about his fans and his music. Politics comes second to him.

I am more then okay with the chicks saying what they said but I am not okay with them being baby's about the after math.

Green tea said...

When a large group of redneck country fans try to destroy someones career because they don't like what they said.
When constant death and bomb threats, cause concerts to be canceled
I think they have the right to be a little angry.

I'm sure they won't miss you buying their CD's

John said...

You are right it does matter who it is right. I guess if you say it, it is true. If some one you agree with says it is right. If it is some you don't agree with it is wrong no matter what.

Unlike the you just because I don't agree with some one does not mean they are always wrong.