Monday, September 24, 2007

The Rammer says goodbye

Another Republican Congressman announced he was retiring last week.
Jim Ramstad, who happens to be my Congressman.
Though he is a Republican,
I have voted for him over the years.
He is moderate, pro-choice, and has tried very hard to get through some significant legislation that would help the mentally ill get decent insurance coverage,
legislation he co-sponsored with my favorite Senator Paul Wellstone.

To learn more about him.
If he were alive today he would be running for President and the liberals in
the Democratic party would not be split in their vote.

As a recovering Alcoholic Jim has learned to care about people.

My votes for him stopped when he went along with the other Republicans and voted to
impeach President Clinton.
Bill Clinton's dallying, doesn't even compare to the criminal offenses we see in the Bush administration
But he hasn't spoken up about them.
I wouldn't be surprised if GW Bush isn't the main reason for Jim's decision to leave
Washington. But I doubt if he will ever voice that.

The 3rd District in Minnesota has been under Republicans since 1959, but they have been moderates.
I don't think the Republican party in Minnesota has any moderates,
so the Democrats have a chance to pick up this seat.
Now, we have been known to do some stupid things too, we need to run a Moderate, a fiscally conservative pro choice Democrat.
They are out there, I know a couple that would bring me out of my semi- retirement from campaigning.

Meanwhile I wish the Rammer well in his new life and I know my friend Paul is looking down and smiling at him.
Because even though they held different political beliefs, they were the best of friends

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