Monday, September 03, 2007

End of the Summer ?

I remember the many Labor day weekends
we use to spend at the Lake.
I use to love swimming and water skiing.
I don't know when it changed, but one day I remember sitting
in the back of the boat and thinking
"This isn't any fun anymore"

We also use to have a garage party every year in August.
Then one day I decided, maybe next year someone else could host,
that ended them.
This year,all of the young ones in the family are doing the Lake thing
or something else, so hubba and I spent a quiet day.

I will go out on the deck later when it cools down to read.

I am getting behind on my books and today
we went to the 20% off sale at the Half Price Book store

I came home with 2 more.

One I couldn't find at the Book sale is waiting for me at the Library.
It is an upcoming book club choice, not sure if it is my taste but I'll soon find out.

So if I don't post in the next couple days you will
know why.

Enjoy the rest of your summer cause Fall is peeking around the corner.


Heidi said...

"Enjoy the rest of your summer cause Fall is peeking around the corner. "

I just finished posting on another blog that Thurs and Fri in my pasrt of Canada it's going hit 90!

Crazy weather..I want Fall ..ASAP!

Green tea said...

Me Too...Heidi..

alan said...

I have been behind on my reading for years now and I'm always bringing home an orphan from Powell's or Alibris or the dollar rack at Border's...

Thank goodness my wife forgives me...most of the time!


Enjoy your reading!