Sunday, September 02, 2007

Big Brother or Big Idiot?

Watching Big Brother tonight brought me no surprises,
just gagged me a little more.

Like every other year, the naive put there trust in someone
they don't even know and end up on the losing end.

Jessica deserved to be nominated tonight for letting Big Dick and his anorexic
daughter stay in the game.
She had a chance to get them out twice and didn't.
Don't any of these people ever watch the past shows?
Then there is Erick, please, whoever came up with the Peoples Player idea
should not be around next season.
He should have been put up right next to Jess, and I think Zack may end up regretting it.

CBS should also be ashamed of themselves for allowing a Tattooed, disgusting
man to verbally and physically abuse the young woman on this show.
His constant references to some of the ladies as Bitches, makes my blood pressure rise.
So why am I still watching it?
I honestly don't know, I was a big Jessica fan..but the fact that she could be attracted to Erick, gives me pause.

I guess like a lot of people I am a gawker!

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Jessica Foster said...

Oh, but I'm oh so happy Erik and his freaky eyebrow are off my screen. It's a bit like a car wreck, can't help but to watch.