Monday, September 17, 2007

What do you Think?

I guess everyone has a bad day once in a while.
I had one today.
It started out fine, I was up early and at the food shelf by 8:00 AM.
and it went down hill from there.
I wasn't there 15 minutes and they started bringing in food orders.
Three staff people all coming in at once and putting their slips on the spindle.
What does that mean?
It means number 3 on the spindle may have a 45 minute wait for their order.
But the staff person doesn't bother to tell them.
My first couple orders went fine, then they started bringing in orders for 10 or 12 member families and I got backed up.
I probably moaned a few times
( a moan I'm sure my kids would recognize)
Pretty soon this young lady carrying a baby came back to see what was taking so long
I explained why I was backed up and she was very sweet about it, when I filled her order I gave her some extra meat.
About 11:00 I had filled 12 orders had 4 on the spindle and my butt was dragging,
in the door came the volunteer coordinator, a new lady that took the place of one of my favorite people.

She said.
"When you tell the client's to bring back the cart after they unload
(we have had several stolen!)
"Can you say it with a smile, some of the clients think you are crabby." and it frightens them,
(another look I'm sure my kids would recognize)
By then my back was killing me because I had not sat down for 3 hours straight.
I said,
"I always say please bring the cart back in and then thank you when they do."
Can you say it with a smile.?
( this from a woman who is new, comes in at 10:00 AM and has never filled an order)

When I first started there, we had such a neat staff.
Most of them pitched in and helped when orders got backed up.
Not this new group, they hardly acknowledge your there.
It is just a job to them, not helping people in need.
Most of them act like they would rather be somewhere else.

I know it wasn't the fact that I wasn't all smiley face, it had more to do with the long wait they had.

They can't take it out on the staff who screens them, and gives me the slip for their orders, so guess who takes the brunt of it if they have a long wait.?

OK this is my dilemma. Do you think it is time for me to hang it up?

I am biting my tongue, and will go in next Monday, but something I use to enjoy is not any fun anymore


for_the_lonely said...

It really broke my heart to read this! Oddly enough, the elderly neighbor that we took care of in SD ( the one who passed 2 years ago) went thru teh EXACT SAME THING.....literally!!!!

He, too, used to volunteer his time at the local Salvation Army with food boxes. Well, in comes a new crew of volunteers, and a new women in charge of it. They didn't like the way that he did something or another, and he was so hurt and fed up and he left! I never really understood why people that are in charge of non-profit organizations and charities were so hard on their volunteers. Without the volunteers, their companies wouldn't function quite properly!

I read this post the other day, and am just now having time to leave a comment on this, so I have given it some thought. Here are some suggestions for alternate volunteering locations:

- a Women's Shelter, possibly to help serve meals, disperse toiletries, etc

- a Homeless Shelter, for the same duties as above

- The Red Cross - to help make care packages for soilders, prepare disaster ready kits, etc

- St. Vincent de Paul - the local ones here thru the Catholic churches have volunteers that work at the church making bags and boxes of food to hand out to those that come to them in need. They also have assistance with bills for low income families. We had to go this route once for assistance, and although we didn't receive help financially, they were very happy to give us a large bag of groceries for free.

- Any local church with a food shelter

- Meals on Wheels, delivering food to the elderly and disabled ( from what I know, I believe that this is run by volunteers)

Ok, so those were the ones that I can think of, but I am sure that there are many more! Again, I am sorry that this happened to you. I am sure once you leave the regulars will ask about you, as I am sure that you were the real only sunshine in their day! I'll leave another comment or e-mail you if I come up with any more ideas! Hang in there, and know that you are a definite good soul!

Love you much,

Green tea said...
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Anonymous said...

I say definitely time to give it up. I won't put up with being disrespected at my job, and I'm getting paid. No one should have to go through that for free.
There are so many people in need. I so go where they will at least treat you with some common courtesy.

Green tea said...

Wow Linda, from someone who knows my crabby look...LOL

alan said...

When you sell your soul to the Devil for money then you have to "take it" to a certain point, anyway. When you are volunteering and they make you feel this way, it's time to find something else...your talents and your love would be appreciated many other places I am sure!


Jessica Foster said...

It doesn't sound like that woman was meant to work in non-profit.
Oh, and it doesn't sound like she really knows how to "say it with a smile" either.
I'm just sayin'............