Friday, August 31, 2007

End This Endless War

I need to quit watching news shows before I go to bed.
I sat and watched Anderson Cooper tonight following a Marine unit in Iraq.
So now after seeing our kids fighting a war that can't be won, knowing kids that are there.
Steven the son of my neighbor and friend,
just shipped out a couple weeks ago with his guard unit.
His dad talked to him today after he had come back from having some minor surgery on his foot. A spider bite that caused an infection.
Unbearable heat, and he gets a spider bite to add to it
Makes me &%#% sick to see what our "Moron President" and his administration has gotten us into.
No matter what any of the candidates say right now, there is no easy way out.

When we leave, there will be massacres.
If we stay it will be our kids, 100's every week and growing.

My guess is Bush will drag this out so he can blame another President for the disaster that will follow.
It's now or later, I say now.


alan said...

The sad part is that it's a disaster that didn't need to happen; had he concentrated on Afghanistan that country would be fine by this point instead of being sucked into the black hole created by his invasion of Iraq along with Pakistan; meanwhile, he's trying to figure out how to attack Iran at the same time...

No matter what is done at this point it's going to be a scary couple of hundred years!


Mary said...

There is no easy way. You are right, if we leave thousands of people will die. If we stay our people die.

Last night, Kiran and I were watching parts of Diana's memorial service. I was explaining to her who Diana was and what she meant to the world. So sad to have died at such a young age.

HAR said...

Nothing short of a disaster, either way. It is so hard for me toimagine what life will be like for my girls. Especially if they stay in NY.