Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stormy Weather

It has been one of those weeks when I didn't have time to breath.

Add to that the god awful heat we are going through right now in Minnesota.
Earlier it was 90 degrees with 68% humidity, perfectly conducive to a major storm.

I love rain storms in the spring, but this time of year, it frightens me,
Every flash of lightening and crack of thunder reminds me of a storm we had a few years ago when we lost several trees and we were without power for 6 days.
I realized then that I would have made a terrible pioneer woman.
I wore the name "Bitchy" with pride.

We have storm warnings right now and hoping for the best.

Last night trying to sleep when thunder and lightening rocked our house, and rattled our windows.
I think it was well past 4:00 AM before I fell asleep.
This time we were lucky there are areas in Mpls without power.
The State Fair grounds has massive damage and the fair is scheduled in about 3 weeks.
I am feeling guilty for whining,
so I will do what the Nuns always told us, back in grade school.

"Offer it up"

I will tonight for all those kids in Iraq basking in temps of
120 degrees.

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HAR said...

I'm hoping the weather breaks for you guys soon. My grammy always told me to offer it up but I always forget.
You are so right about those poor children in Iraq and Africa who are so hot, hungry and scared.It is easy to forget. Thanks for reminding me.