Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time Flys When Your Having Fun.

I went to my Dermatologist today for a post op check of the skin cancer he removed from my face.

My friend Marie went with me to Edina where his office is located.
He told me not to worry about the puffiness and said the scar on my cheek would fade.
If it doesn't they have a few tricks they can use.
Meanwhile he was very kind and told me I could do my follow up body checks with my GP who is a Female.

After my visit, Marie and I headed over to the Cheese Cake Factory for a salad.
Love that place, and we were good and skipped dessert.
You don't know how hard that was.
But I have a Big Birthday coming up next Monday 8/20 and I intend to drown my sorrows, starting on the weekend.

My daughter who just celebrated her birthday is having a BBQ at her house to celebrate all of our August birthdays.
My Hubba 8/5, daughter 8/8, oldest son 8/19 and twin G sons 8/17 are all Leo's.
Can you imagine Kings of the jungle all under one roof?
Well it certainly was interesting when the kids were growing up.
My youngest son is an Aries and kind of hid from every one
at times.
But believe me he held his own, and still does.

How old am I?
I gag when I think about it.

Jane Fonda and I were born in the same year
so when you think of me visualize her.
That seems to soften the blow for me.

Anyway I've been told 70 is the new 50.

Please don't pop my balloon..


Heidi said...

"I headed over to the Cheese Cake Factory for a salad."

OMG!!!!!!! I luv CCF and went 3 times when I was in Boston..My friend and I always share a dinner and ceasar salad..And we still can't have dessert. The portions are HUGE!

I'm be back for your Bday :)

yellowdog granny said...

holy crap..can't think of anything more stressful then having a house full of leo's...unless it's a house full of scorpios...i would think the aries kid is still getting even..that's their middle son is an aries..and he never forgets...
vitamin e is good for getting rid of rid of a burn scar on my daughter when she was little and 2 burn scars on my arm from the pretty good...

Anonymous said...

if only..............
if only i had beauty to spare, like my sister who has it everywhere.
if in my so called youth i could see a self as young as she seems to be.
so chins up, (oops)dear, your not really aging.
your charms and looks are still quite engaging.
enjoy your celebration of leo,
and think of baby sister, cleo.
have a good one!!!!

alan said...

With my current hours, I'm afraid Monday may slip by with my not getting here, so I'm going to wish you a very very Happy Birthday early, just in case!

And in your case, I would think more like 40 not 50!

Enjoy the family time!


Flash said...

70, you're going to be 70. You always told me your were 12 when you had me, that would make you closer to 60, wouldn't it. I mean, you would never deceive your own son, would you *grin*

I love you!, See ya Sunday.

One of the Leos.


Green tea said...

My baby sister the Poet,
thank you *smile*

Flash.."no" politics on Sunday..

runningwmn said...

Wow, it seems like only yesterday that there were signs all over Brooklyn Center (thanks to your friend in the sign business) that proclaimed "HURAY HURAY 'GIGI' IS 30 TODAY!!" Of course that totally blew your story about being 21! ha ha
Happy Birthday Gigi I love you
from your favorite daughter!

Misty said...

No way can you be are far too youthful!

Phoenix Woman said...

Happy Birthday, GiGi!

You share your birthday with H.P. Lovecraft, by the way. :-)

Ag said...

Happy B-Day!

here's to another 70!


The Wege said...

Have a happy effing birthday!

rew said...

yay gigi, many many more!

Green tea said...

Thanks all you Centristy fans ..

So much for quietly sliding into the next decade.

I'll deal with Flash in my own way.

I have some pictures I could post.
Someday when he isn't paying attention.. :D

Flash said...

Oh . . Oh !!