Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are Your Bridges Safe?

What a tragic night we had yesterday.

The collapse of the 35W bridge has caused many deaths and injuries, at this time 20 to 30 are missing , probably in the Mississippi river.
There is a recovery going on now.

I was watching the 6:00 news when it happened and immediately started checking to see if my family and friends were OK

This morning our President appeared on TV and began to spin.
He blamed the Democratic in congress for not bringing him a spending bill.

Give me a break!!

He forgot to mention that our Republican Governor Pawlenty vetoed a Transportation bill
that included a 5 cent gas tax increase that would have gone to road and bridge repair.
Our Governor who has made it clear "no new taxes" under his watch.
He is only willing to borrow and spend, so I expect to see him offering a bonding bill to the legislature
It should be pointed out that our Government has been ignoring the infrastructure in this country.
Money that should be used here is being used in Iraq.
The essay I posted "The Fungi Terrorist" by Charley, written tongue in cheek
has this quote in it.

"When we weren't looking, Al Qaeda took the money from our infrastructure, so that soon
our bridges will collapse under our heavy S.U.V.s and our roads will fill with potholes."

It give me chills to think what we have ahead of us.

Go to my links at the right and click on Centrisity
for more info on this tragedy, he is doing a great job of updating!

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alan said...

Working my way through your posts in date order, so kind of commented on this one below...sorry the days had slipped by since I was here last!