Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lazy day

Couldn't believe it when I stepped outside this
The humidity has dropped about 20%.
I am actually going to go out on my deck and read.
I don't know how long we will have this reprieve.
So I am going to enjoy it.
Meanwhile for some good reading
click on my links, especially

"My girl with kaleidoscope eyes"


Misty said...

I'm glad you got some cooler weather to enjoy! Yesterday I sat on the deck, with a book in the sunshine, and a lemonade. I wanted to forget all my worries :) It helped. :)Hey you are linking to me! :) hugs to you!!

Mary said...

I am sitting here in tears reading your post about your friend.

During the storm on Saturday morning, part of my internet access got zapped by lightening. The cable tech told me I was lucky I didn't lose my entire computer.

How did you survive tonight's round?


alan said...

I caught up with you on Tuesday afternoon right before I leave for work. It's 101...

Hope your reprieve is still holding!


Green tea said...

Every time we get hit with one of those storms I hold mt breath.
I don't want a repeat of the storm we had a couple summers ago
It looked like a tornado hit our neighborhood and we were without power for about 7 days..

yellowdog granny said...

im so excited..the bad weather hitting the coast of texas is supposed to bring some cooler weather for a day or so to central texas where i ready for it..and some rain..