Monday, August 20, 2007

Here he come's again !

Tomorrow "The Shrub" invades our space again.
He isn't flying in to see the flooding or to check on the recovery of the last body from the Mississippi
River after the bridge collapse.
No, he is flying in to help raise money for our Senator Normy Coleman.

Across the Lake at a public park, from the million dollar house where he will gracing everyone with his Texas charm, and with 1000.00 handshakes.
Protesters will be standing with signs, maybe whistles and duck calls.

I wonder if the true genius Karl Rove will be with him ?

Letter to the Editor in the St.Paul Pioneer Press. August 18, 2007

A True Genius

It was pure coincidence that I purchased Boy Genius on Sunday and the subject of the book, Karl Rove, resigned from the White House on Monday.
It didn't take many pages to realize that Rove is a brilliant and ruthless political operative. whose philosophy seems to be that the ends justify the means.
From the beginning, he employed the most devious and dishonest methods to achieve his political objectives.
His achievements are impressive.

He is responsible for twice helping elect an arrogant, incompetent buffoon to the most powerful office in the world.
He took a failed businessman, George W.Bush, and placed him in charge of the economy of the United States.
He took a man who dodged his military service in Vietnam and turned him into the commander in chief of the US military.
He took a man who failed his law school entrance exam and placed him in a position to nominate Supreme court Justices

Yes Rove's most historic triumph was creating the worst president in American history.
And that is why some call him the Boy Genius.


Somewhere Richard Nixon is smiling!


alan said...

I seem to remember a few through history who were called "genius" to their face and "antichrist" behind their backs...


Perhaps a few more names will end up on that list!


Green tea said...

Good One Alan!!!