Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Because tonight is the Golden Globes I decided to go see one of the favorite movies
that is nominated.
Slumdog Millionaire is the story of 18 year old Jamal Malik, he comes from the slums of Mumbai.
It starts out just hours before he is to answer the final question worth 20 million rupees.
As the show goes into a break he is arrested on suspicion of cheating.
Because he comes from the slums they don't believe he could possibly have known the answers without some kind of help.
We then watch his adventures as he explains how he knew each answer that got him to the point he is at and also the reason he wanted to be on the TV show.

Now did I like it?
For me it had 2 strikes against it.
One I don't like the Millionaire show, it just grates on me when I hear the music.
and Two, It was very difficult to get past the poverty in that part of the world.
Especially knowing that many children live like this,
while here in the US even those children in poverty live like princes in comparison.
I had a sick feeling in my stomach during most of the scenes involving children
The acting was very good and and I wonder what happened to some of the kids that were extra's in the movie,these things were creeping into my head as I watched them.
So even though everyone is saying it is a feel good movie, I didn't feel very good watching it.
It was an amazing job of Directing and I wouldn't be surprised if the Director Dan Boyle wins many awards for it.

If anyone else has seen it I would love to hear your impressions.


Chris said...

Not all great movies make you feel good...this is on my list but wanted to let you know about another movie that I enjoyed along these lines...Born Into Brothels...actually a documentary that won an Oscar the year it came out. A definite DVD rental!
I'll come back when I've seen the movie!

Riot Kitty said...

I haven't seen it but I'm right there with you - I've never understood why a world as rich as hours has children in poverty. Or anyone in poverty, for that matter.

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: I consider it more than a coincidence that I stopped by today (Day 2 of having my Laptop back). A friend of mine raved about this film. I opted to see Gran Torino instead and Eastwood turns in a fine performance. I am very sensitive to the plight of kids and this feels like it would bother me too from your description. Glad you posted this! lol!

Green tea said...

Thanks Michael,
I was right about awards so far
Slumdog did very well at the Golden Globes.
I'm sure it will sweep the Oscars
most of the people I have talked to loved it..
It "is" remarkable how it was filmed without using tricks,but
I just can't get those kids faces out of my head..
Grand Torino next on my list, one of the main Mong actors came from

Chris said...

Michael...then you have to see Born Into's just a wonderful documentary, even if hard to see. It gives you hope that small things can be big and make a difference, even if not for everyone all the time...wish I had watched it at home with a box of kleenex, instead of at the theatre!!!!