Friday, January 30, 2009

Catching up !

As you all know, thanks to Techy Flash, we spent a few days in Vegas celebrating our wedding anniversary.
We thought we could sneak away and no one would know the difference.
So much for that.

Hubba likes Vegas and it's OK, I am not a gambler but I do love people watching .
We stayed in a Suite at the new Wynn Encore and happened to pick the same weekend
that Steve Wynn had his birthday party.
It was fun watching all the old guys coming through with their young trophy wives.
Trump was in the house, so was Harry Connick Jr, we did not see them but heard from other spotters.
They had dinner at Sinatra's one of the more expensive restaurants.
I am a very frugal person and when it comes to dining, I refuse to pay 30 and 40 dollars for a meal.
So we didn't eat at any of the restaurants at the Encore or Wynn.
Hubba didn't win any big bucks but then he didn't really lose that much either.
Our first trip to Vegas was 10 years ago and we stayed down town on Fremont at the Plaza.
The day before we came home, we decided to check it out once more.
Most of the Casino's had been remodeled but the lounge shows we liked were gone.

The Casinos down there had good crowds, and even though it is much cheaper
we prefer to stay out on the strip.

It's good to be home, even though the weather is frigid I wouldn't live anywhere else.


Chris said...

Welcome home...hope you had a good time. Next time come to Monterey!!!!!!!

Shionge said...

Hiya GT - came by from RK's blog and Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary to you and TF :)

I have been to Vegas twice just to soak in the buzz but other than that, I think there are many more other cities in America that is better ;)

Green tea said...

Thanks for stopping by Shionge, I agree there are better places to see, but Hubba likes Vegas and it was his turn.
Chris,if we ever come into a fortune
the first thing I would do is buy a condo in San Diego.

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: You and I think so alike! lol! I stayed one month in Vegas two years ago and a businessman who travels a lot suggested (you will laigh) that I check into Hooters Casino. He was right. The hotel was new, the beds were Perfect, and I can still hear the "HUMMMM" of those one-arm bandits. I looked out my window (next to Las Vegas McCarren and saw Trumps 727 jet and heard he was in town to dine with Wynn. I loved "people watching". LMAO about the "Trophy Wives". Sad in a way, isn't it? But lol to you!!!!:D) AND...


Riot Kitty said...

Glad you had a great trip!

alan said...

I'm glad you escaped the cold for a little bit, anyway, and for such a wonderful reason!