Thursday, January 01, 2009

By By 2008!!

I am so glad to see 2008 gone.
I hope with the help of our new President
we will see some better days in 2009.
We have lost some close friends in the past year and
that gets harder every year.
We use to spend every New Years Eve in our home town
with old friends.
Sometime after my mother died we started staying home and
going to local parties.
But this year
after an early dinner out, we spent a quiet evening at home.

I actually enjoyed it.

How about you?


Chris said...

Couldn't be more glad to see this year gone...I have high hopes for 2009! I have a couple of cool things plalnned!

Riot Kitty said...

We had the same plan as you - early dinner out (Indian food) with my little bro, who is visiting, then a movie at home. Happy New Year! The end of the Bush regime is nothing short of miraculous.

Heidi said...

Hugs , health and happiness in 2009.. xo