Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jett Travolta

My sympathies go out to John Travolta and Kelly Preston.
I don't think anything can be worse then losing a child.
Jett who suffered from seizures was found in the bathroom unconscious
by a caretaker.
They were unable to revive him and he died later at the Hospital
Some say he suffered from Autism but John Travolta denied it.
John said once on a talk show that Jett was his heart.
He and Kelly are practicing Scientologists, and
when I first heard that Jett had seizures,
I wondered if he was on medication for them.
I have a friend who has suffered seizures and it took
some time to get her medicine regulated to control them.
What ever their beliefs, this is
a sad way to start out the new year.
The pain of losing a child never goes away,
it is only dulled and pops up
when ever something reminds you of that person.

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Misty said...

So scary and painful for them..i did just read today that they had him on depakote..but it didn't prevent his seizures completely.