Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Black Andree

My stranger friend Misty blogged about the movie Marley and Me
and after reading her blog, I decided I'll wait till I can watch it in the privacy of my home.
Growing up, we had many pets mostly hunting dogs and
a few cats, until I found out why my eyes always itched and then we didn't have any more felines
I was about 4 years old when we got a brown Chesapeake my dad named Brownie.
He was the protector of my sister and I.
If we were outside playing and anyone he didn't know came near us he would snarl and growl until they left.
As we got older he would walk us to school and when we came out at the end of the day he would be across the street and walk us home.
My folks never had to worry about strangers.

One day when I was about 14 or so he wasn't there anymore, and my heart was broken.
Dad got a couple more dogs after that, but I never got attached to any of them.
When I had my own family I made it clear I didn't want any pets.
The kids were always bugging us to get a dog
I finally broke down when Hubba came home one day and said he had a client who had a
miniature poodle for sale.
A black male pure blood, the last of the litter and they wanted to find a home
for him.
Soon Black Andree came to live with us.
Andy became the boss of us.
My best friend Arlis had a poodle named Alfie and they became best friends.
They even had play dates and overnights when we would go somewhere.
I never regretted getting Andy.
Unfortunately time doesn't stand still and when he was about 15 years old, blind, deaf and incontinent guess who had to be the one that took him for his last ride.

I called my friend who had to do the same with Alfie a short time before and she went with me and that helped.

I swore it would be the last time I ever did that and I still feel that way.


Misty said...

Hugs to you..I know the movie teasers make it look like this funny movie..and some people go and don't realize how sad it ends up being! Still good though..just wait and see it at home! Losing our pets is never easy :(

runningwmn said...

Thanks for the warning that the movie has a sad ending. I was one of those people who planned to see it thinking it was a light hearted comedy. There are enough sad endings in real life. I like movies that end with happily ever after. . . .

Chris said...

Took the grand kids...we all cried at the end, even the 4 yr. old and she's still talking about it....greatful they're not talking about how they were trying to make babies...didn't know about that part...greatfully the sadness took precedence!!!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Oh man...I had all three of my cats die in one year (I've written about this on other pet lovers' blogs) and I sympathize! Mr. RK and I have two cats we adopted from a shelter and they totally run things around here ;)

D said...

I saw Marley and Me and found it to be a bit choppy for the first half hour or so. Did like it though. (It was also a date movie... so it wouldn't have mattered if it was terrible.)

Flash said...

I miss Andy. I have a great picture of him. I'll see if I can dig it out and post it.