Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't let the door hit you on the way out Shrub !

I watched most of that schizoid speech last night.
Can you believe there are still about 30% of the voters
that believe that BS.
This man is delusional, and so is his Dad if he thinks Jeb has a chance in hell of being President someday.
Lets rejoice in the moment shall we ?


Riot Kitty said...

I saw the story that said only 23% will miss him - and I thought, who the hell are those people, and WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN for the past 8 years?! Isn't it refreshing to have an AG nominee who considers torture to be torture? Sad, sick state of affairs, isn't it? This entire administration SHOULD BE IN JAIL!

Flash said...

I'd give Jeb a fair shake, He seems to have all the brains in the family, But his brother probably ruined it for him.

Chris said...

I agree with jail time and it's my new mantra for 2009! There was never a time when it was more deserved! I am so over that smirky grin and thank God it is now over!

D said...

Both Bush and Cheney should be put on trial

Anonymous said...

Please seek help. Your bitterness, anger, pain, and hate is not healthy. I feel sorry for y'all and your hate filled ranting.
If you think Obama is going to bring us utopia you are in for a rude awakening.
I suppose we won't hear from your ilk for the next four years about how terrible it is to saddle our children and grandchildren with all this debt. The One will be spending $2 Trillion in his first year alone. Talk about bankrupting our country. Debt bubble here we come!!! Full speed ahead!

Re: torture (emphasis added)
"a Capitol Hill aide says that the administration also is planning a study of more aggressive interrogation methods that could be added to the Army manual — which would create a significant loophole to Obama's action Thursday."

Wake up Sheeple, you been played!

runningwmn said...

Hey "anonymous" aka swifty/Krod.
Obama won, get over it. Rightfully calling out our former President for his war crimes and incompetence is not hate, it is practicing Democracy. That's right, Democracy is back. Get over that too. God Bless America!!
God Bless our new President!!

Anonymous said...


I support President Obama to do what's right for our country. There is nothing to get over, numbskull.

The fact is Obama is studying "more aggressive interrogation methods"

So you change your standards to give Obama a pass. One year ago you would scream "war crimes" and "torture" if the President was planning "more aggressive interrogation methods", but now you are as quiet as a church mouse. Typical.

God Bless America.

J said...

Kevin..go get a life...

Anonymous said...

How long will BDS last?