Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You go Girl !!!

This is why I supported Hillary and this is why I am now supporting Barack.
I watched her speech when I got home from the Hospital last night.
She gave me goose bumps, don't let anyone tell you she wanted to be VP
If she had wanted it she would have gotten it.
She will be a power house in the Senate and Barack needs her there.

Tonight it is the Silver Fox himself..I can't wait.


Riot Kitty said...


Republicans suck!

beckyboop said...

I know you will stay by your hubba's side. Love him to the fullest of your capabilities. The pay off is incredable.

I'm not sure why he is in the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope all turns out well.


Green tea said...

Thanks Becky..I have been thinking about you and your loss.
I know how much you are missing Big Daddy.
My youngest son is a Harley guy, he is your age..way to young to deal with this,..

Michael Manning said...

Hi Green Tea: I'm terribly delayed on catching up with you because my computer is in the repair shop. My thoughts amd prayers are with you and your hubby! lol too!!!!