Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rush Linbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot

I got this video today from my niece and just had to share.
It is bad enough that the media seems to be so hung up on
every one's sex life or which cute blond is missing
instead of covering more important issues
But this A hole is finding his own sick way to again blame
the woman.
If you remember, when Wild Bills pants came un zipped, old
Rush and many of the other sleazy pundits blamed Hillary
for being too cold, not hot enough, or maybe even she preferred woman??

We all know that it can't be the mans fault right??


Michael Manning said...

Limbaugh should have been removed from radio long ago. He has no conscience. My Mother would strangle him on the sidewalk if she ever bumped into him for his ruthless comments about stem cell research. Let him watch someone die as we did with my Dad feeling helpless to stop his Parkinson's. I have a difficult time forgiving his comments about Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's disease and it turns my stomach that this guy allegedly dated a certain CNN news anchor whom I won't name here. He is just bad Karma and it is just common sense that reveals this person as having no heart for anyone or anything. I urge those who Love others and Love life to avoid this evil person. Thanks Green Tea!

alan said...

Michael pretty well said it all...of course I feel the same way about Rush's brother Bill...

Sometimes I think they're like the gophers in that old arcade game, but I'd love to use a sledge hammer!


Riot Kitty said...

My theory is borrowed from Erica Jong, who is one of my favorite authors: every man's outlook on life is determined by his feelings about the size of his dick.

We know Rush has issues...

Green tea said...

Very "Little" issues Kitty

I will never understand how someone can spew hot such lies and still remain on the radio.
You have my curiosity about the female anchor.. :D

One of my smart A G-son's gave me David Limbaugh's book Bankrupt for Christmas last year.
Such a jokester, I told him he was treading on water..

fineartist said...

I loathe that big fat idiot.

But then most sane people do.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Rush is still on the air while Olbermann is not. Looks like there is at least one sane person near the top of MSNBC