Friday, August 08, 2008

Dog Days !

August is a busy month for our family.

My daughter has tried hard to find a day to have
a family bonding BBQ to celebrate all the
August birthdays,
it has been set for the 16th, come rain or come shine!
Hubba's birthday started the month off on the 5th,
followed by


today the 8th, her Twins on the 17th,
Techy Flash on the 19th
and when I use to celebrate mine it was on the 20th.

Forget it, I am trying too.

We also have extended family,
my sister in law and a couple cousins.
November must be a very cuddly month!

Rosie O'Donnell decided to stop blogging
for the month of August.
I can understand why?
Can you imagine if everything you wrote was twisted
and showed up on Tabloid TV.

Tonight the Summer Olympics begin, why in the "H"
the committee chose China is a mystery to me.
I just hope that our athletes can come home
without too much lung damage.
I prefer the winter games, but will watch some of the action
over the next week or so, mainly to see if anyone dares to protest.

September around the corner and then the real campaign season starts

Don't pay any attention to the polls even then.
I have talked to so many of the under 40 group, who only use cell phones.
So the polls don't mean thing.
Sometime over the next couple months,
go down to your nearest campaign office and
give them some of your precious Time.

We need some common sense and less BS in the White House.

If that wasn't enough check this out!!!
Paris is HOT !!


Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: A sense of humor is important. Thanks again for your kind words about Gunner. For I know how sincere you are, my friend! lol! And have a nice weekend!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Less b.s. in the White House? Amen!

alan said...

What a month of birthdays! It gets that way around here in November and runs through January...

I love the Commander-in-Chief test! I wish that someone had been smart enough last week when they came out and said that John McCain didn't speak for the McCain campaign to buy time all over the country for that one!

If they had only perfected that methane-from-manure technology! All they'd have to do is follow the Republicants around for the next few months and we could retire a bunch of tankers!


fineartist said...

Happy used to be birthday beautiful woman.
xx, Lori

Foster Communications said...

You guys know how to party! Have fun this weekend!

I was so mad when I heard they had a "cuter" girl lip synch the song during the opening ceremonies because the real singer wasn't considered cute enough. She was adorable. Ugh!

Green tea said...

Your welcome Michael, I hope Gunner continues to do well.

Yes Kitty and Alan..wouldn't it be great to have some intelligence back it the White House

Thanks Lori,

It is awful that China would do the to a cute little girl