Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCains Pick, ..Sarah Who??

I am sure that many Republicans as well as Democrats
were surprised at John McCain's choice for VP.
I have a friend who e-mailed me and said

"What was he thinking?"

What he was obviously thinking was,

"If I have a Woman on the ticket, I could pick up disgruntled Hillary supporters"

What he doesn't seem to understand is, most of them are also interested in the issues.
What he probably will do with this choice is bring back the Christian right winger's who only vote for strong anti-abortion candidates.

What else did he do?

He insulted some very strong qualified Republican woman,
Olympia Snowe from Maine
Kay Bailey Hutchenson from Texas
and Elizabeth Dole from North Carolina just to name
a few.

After all the screaming about Obama's lack of experience, McCain picks a woman who has only served as Mayor of a Wasilla Alaska, a city of about 6700 people and was just elected Governor of Alaska in 2006, a state with population of about 683,478 as of 2007.
There are "Cities" with larger populations then that, for instance Austin, Tx
population is 743,074.

She hasn't even served 2 years as Governor and McCain
thinks she is experienced enough?
Give me a break!

The sad thing though, people elected George Dubya twice, so who knows what will happen.

Any thoughts??


Riot Kitty said...

Thought #1: She offered to sleep with him?

Thought #2: He cannot see past his nose. "Woman, Republican, OK."

yellowdog granny said...

if she didn't have a vagina she wouldn't even be on the ticket..

alan said...

I was admittedly underwhelmed by her credentials, but not by the cynicism of his choice.

I don't actually believe he wanted anyone on the ticket who might overshadow him in intellect or influence, and that was what led him there instead of to the choices you mentioned...


Nan said...

I think he wants to lose. Either that, or he really is senile. It's pretty obvious, based on all the easily available info from Alaska, that she wasn't vetted beyond "Woman? Yes. Okay, she'll create a temporary buzz to take attention away from Obama." I'm wondering if she'll still be on the ticket at the convention's end.

BTW, thanks for the suggestion you made over at Yellowdog Granny to check out Mudflats.

for_the_lonely said...

I think that many people were saying "Sarah who??" when she was announced. There's no denying that he nominated her to pick up Hillary's votes...sad move, really, but I don't think that it will make much of a difference either way. Change is on the way!

Love ya and hope all's well!


Anonymous said...

he picked an attractive female, really? is that a surprise? it is too bad that he has now relegated all women into the category of look good and think as i do. so much for the progress women have fought so hard to attain. does he have advisors? whjere were they when he made his selection?

Mary said...

Hell, I can run a classroom. That would make me more qualified in my eyes.....Wait I have also been to more countries then she has.

I heard so jerk on FOX say she has a lot of foreign experience she lives right next door to Russia. God help this country....

He is crazy!!!!!!!