Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, GiGi!!

Techy Flash here. Gigi has been too busy taking care of a convalescing Hubba to post of late. But you all should know it is her birthday.

She is still 39, has been for awhile now, but not a second older *grin*

Wish her well!


PS: Hubba is doing well, not to worry!


Foster Communications said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
I hope today is a great day for you!

Anonymous said...

Hooray Hooray it is Gigi's birthday today!!! Enjoy!


Riot Kitty said...

Happy birthday, GiGi!!

Green tea said...

My Techy is a smart Ass, but I have to treat him nice or I won't get any help.
Thanks for the thoughts, a few prayers would help too.. *smile*

alan said...

May you be 39 for another 100 or so years...

Happy (belated) Birthday, dear!

That beautiful heart and soul need no prayers!


fineartist said...

Happy late birthday beautiful Gi Gi, my friend.

love, Lori

glad hubba hubba is doing better.