Friday, February 29, 2008


I need to rant a little bit.
I don't believe in censorship,
but what ever became of common sense?

Thursday the news that Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan on the front lines, was posted on the Drudge Report.
Today because of Matt Drudge, Prince Harry was reassigned back home.
Matt Drudge and all of his ilk are irresponsible and I wish there was a way to
stop people like him, from making money on peoples privacy.

Then we have Heather Mill's, waiting to see how many millions she can get from Paul McCartney. He made a very substantial offer to her and she turned it down.
I hope that the judge comes up with a lesser amount.

I am not even going to get into The Shrub's press conference, yesterday and the look of surprise when he was asked about a possible gas hike to 4.00 a gallon.
Maybe some one should have mentioned the outrageous profits Exon and other oil companies are making.

Counting down the days till he is gone...


Riot Kitty said...

Thank you!! Believe it or not, these things were on my list of annoyances.

Heather Mills: $100 million for four years of screwing? Yikes!

Drudge: Since when do "conservatives" leak battle locations of individuals? If a "liberal" had done this, they would be railroading him or her and getting a noose ready.

Shrub: Screams of disgust. Counting the days. Definitely.

Green tea said...

Kitty have to move next door to me... :D

fineartist said...

Nothing like setting Harry up for a clean target. Yikes, and what a turd Drudge is.

Never enough seems to be the motto for some. Heather Mills is a gold diggen piece of dung.

I wonder how much money the shrub is making off of gas prices?

It's appalling.

And good riddance to him.

Riot Kitty said...

G: Wouldn't that be great? Our husbands would stock up on earplugs, for sure...

Green tea said...

Hey Kitty..
Hubba doesn't need ear plugs..he just turns down his hearing aid.. :D

Foster Communications said...

I think your rant is warranted!
I couldn't believe that they reported about Harry serving! It put so many lives in danger!

Heather Mills is such a money grubber--at least that's how she is coming across. A strange money grubber...

And Bush? Idiot. But we knew that....

Michael Manning said...

I concur 100%. CNN, while a pioneering technical news network has brought "live" TV to the point where even our enemies have it on and are tipped off before an invasion on people intent to harm us. As a licensed broadcaster, I DO feel certain people who have deliberately crossed the line should be taken off the air. If my elderly mother ever meets Rush Limbaugh, after his disparaging comments about Michael J.Fox, God help him!