Saturday, February 02, 2008

Be Happy!!

I hope to go see Hillary tomorrow, if Hubba is feeling better, until then these are 10 things I am happy about tonight.

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1.Target Center in Mpls had 20,000 plus people there to greet Barak Obama !
( click on Centristy)

2. Hillary arrives tomorrow, I'm fickle,I like them both !

3. John Edwards chose to wait till after Super Tuesday to endorse a candidate
I knew he had class..!

4. I bought a new outfit for a big party tonight(I hate shopping)

5. At the fancy schmancy dinner tonight to honor a friend.
I was able to sit a stare at our handsome Police Chief .

6. The writers strike may be over in time for the Oscars * big smile*

7. I have a Nut Goody candy bar in my freezer

8. Temperatures were in the 30's today, felt like spring.

9. My daughter Linda got to shake hands with her hero today
(again Centrisity link)

10. I am going to go have a glass of Chenin Blanc, after I take Hubba's temp.


Riot Kitty said...

Cool! I am with you on the dessert...

fineartist said...

I'll have to click over to my bloggy blog and attach this meme to my latest post!

I'm on it!

Heck, I'm all over it.

bree said...

30's?? spring??? brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my son is wearing his obama 08 sticker that some passed out to him outside the video store. i don't know how to feel about it hehehe.

Green tea said...

Bree you funny kid where have you been hiding.
You shouldn't disappear into space with out warning.*laughing*
Yes 30's, spring like, when you have been having below zero weather.

Foster Communications said...

So you're crushing on your police chief are you?? The Mpls. mayor is a cutie patootie too. :)

Green tea said...

Oh Jessica..Brooklyn Center's Police Chief is hot..LOL
Yes RT Rybak is too.

Misty said...

Ohh i am going write. I just now saw this --i am behind on blog reading!! :)