Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Marine GSon

Techy Flash here. GiGi is out having lunch with family as my oldest boy is in town. He is a recently promoted Sergeant in the US Marine Corps. I introduce him here, and talk about my visit with him Thursday as well. But today is GiGi's turn. Here she is with Tom in the middle, and his other two brothers (my other son Josh was not with us):
Sgt. Tom will deploy to Al Asad Airbase in Iraq this August for a 6 month stint. His MOS keeps him behind the wire in the green zone, so there is some comfort in that. I am sure GiGi will have much more to share later.


Thanks Flash, I think.
We just got home from lunch, we were joined by daughter Linda and friend Tom and 2 of our other G sons, plus Princess Amalia.
It was great visiting with Tom and hearing what he has been doing for the past 3 years since we last saw him.

His plans for now are to re-up, I am hoping his stint in Iraq will change that.
As the boys left, Tom and his younger Bro's were on there way to a shopping Center in Roseville Mn. Tom, determined
to get them hair cuts, Marine style.
Youngest Bro Bob was inclined.. Nick not so much, hey he will soon be 16 and is developing a mind of his own.
One thing we tried not to do with any of our chicks was tell them how they had to cut their hair.
I probably do more of that now then I did when they were teens.

It was a good day, maybe Tom will be back tonight to stay with us.
Though I doubt it.
His older cousins wanted to take him out on the town, and how can he pass that up.

We'll see later.


Heidi said...

Sgt Tom is a cutie! :)

Flash said...

""Nick not so much, hey he will soon be 15 and is developing a mind of his own.""

Nick will be 16 end of March, Bob 15 and Tom 22 inMay

Foster Communications said...

It sounds like a great family day. What a good looking family! :)

Green tea said...

Yes yes..16 I knew that.. :D

Misty said...

Well your family is adorable..including yourself! Best wishes to all.

Green tea said...

Well Misty..I hate my mind I am 30 years younger and still...OH Well...

Riot Kitty said...

Nice family picture! Gi Gi, you don't look old enough to have grandkids that age, so don't worry!

Green tea said...

Kitty..I'm laughing...since those are the younger G sons..
You are kind...

Riot Kitty said...

G: I am dead serious! What's your secret? Lotion? Good genes? I know you're too smart for botox.

Green tea said...

Kitty....don't like needles
I earned every line in my face and intend to keep them LOL
Didn't you know that 70 is the new

fineartist said...

I think you are absolutely beautiful!

fineartist said...

And you are living proof that while we do have to age, we do not have to age poorly!

Green tea said...


My you are good for my ego.. :D