Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Auntie Lo

Last night I talked to my Auntie Lo, she is my dads sister, and will be 96 in June.
She is in a nursing home in Iowa and was in the hospital for a few days.
She has such a fantastic attitude, right now she is hoping to live long enough so she can vote for Hillary.
I didn't want to pop her balloon and tell her that she may not have that chance, even though she may still be here then.

I think she was in her 80's when she went to her first Iowa caucus, she loved it and wished she had gone sooner in her life.
She would call me periodically just to talk politics, because she couldn't find anyone who was interested in it.

I remember many summers spent on the farm.
I enjoyed the trips there until I was about 14 or so, then I wanted to be home with my

I did love all the family reunions we had on the farm, making homemade ice cream, fried chicken
that made your mouth water.
These were chickens she raised, not shot full of antibiotics or kept in pens.
She could dress a chicken in 5 minutes and she had many customers who would come and pick them up
Today they are called organic, and very expensive.

Many years later she worked as a cook at a resort in the summer and spent her winters in Arizona.

Lo was the glue on my dads side of the family, we no longer have any gatherings.
She has one younger sister left, but she is always feuding with someone and right now
I don't even think she talks to half of her own kids.
I only see her at funerals, and that is enough for me.

LO a pioneer woman who's only dream right now is to see a woman President.


fineartist said...

What a beautiful story, Lo sounds so much like someone I'd enjoy spending time with.

And you too G, I'd sure enjoy sitting down and having a cuppa with you! xxoo

Riot Kitty said...

What a sweet post, G - thank you for this. My great aunt, whom I was very close with, passed away six months ago. She was very conservative but probably the first feminist (although she never would have admitted it) that I met.

Green tea said...

She has lived life to the fullest,
it makes me sad to see how her body has failed her.
I don't just drink green tea..love a good cosmo too.. :D
Isn't it sad that we don't appreciate who we have in our lives until it is too late.?

Misty said...

I love this post!! .. i went to visit my grandma today and she had a Hillary Nutcracker :) someone had given to her. .