Thursday, February 21, 2008

No he didn't !!

Todays little bomb in the NYT about John McCain makes me wonder if the "Holier then Thou" crowd is behind the attack.

It makes you wonder when it has been Rush Limbaugh and friends screaming the loudest against him, even to the point he hasn't railed much against the Clinton's lately.

When is the media going to get out of peoples private lives?
Like Bill Clinton, this morning McCain jumped way to fast in his denials.
What Bill should have done and what John McCain should have done is looked into the camera and said "This is nobody's business but mine and my families."

Then never comment about it again.

He didn't learn from Bill's mistake, I hope he won't get caught in any little white lie, or the "straight talk express" will run off the tracks.


Riot Kitty said...

I've already talked to three people about that story since last night...I have to say that as a former reporter and a freelance writer I'm sort of disgusted by the NYT story because it's based on two anonymous sources who clearly had axes to grind. Two anonymous people who say they thought he had an affair. So what? Then again, he's sort of asking for it by appearing to be holier-than-thou. The more interesting part, to me, was the favors for corporate friends when he claims not to do any political favors. Yeah, guess is the Times knows that sex, or the hint of it, will sell. Sad.

Foster Communications said...

I see both sides. Part of me says "that's personal." The other part questions if I want a hypocrite for a president, if I want a man who fails to stick to commitments and loyalties. Then again, who knows if it's even true.

Green tea said...

I guess my problem is, that once you throw mud out there it sticks whether it's true or not.
I just wish the media would be a little more careful with peoples lives..
When you have proof of something illegal then give us the info.

Green tea said...
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fineartist said...

It's mud slingin' at it's worst, nothing that hasn't gone on forever but it really does get tired and sad.