Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stages of grief

Why is it that men think they have to hide their feelings in times of grief?

Why can't they just let it out.

Eventually it will hit like a wave and no matter where they are it will flow without control.

I saw that today......

Woman tend to share with close friends, and in time, each day gets better.

Lot's of time will have to pass before anyone wakes up and smiles again.

Grieving is difficult work, people have to take time and not be rushed into it.
We all need to cry and sometimes I think this world has ruined our sons by
making them think that crying isn't manly.


Misty said...


Heidi said...

Another hug, {{{{{{ Gigi}}}}}}} I know your going through such a hard time.

for_the_lonely said...

I totally agree with you about men not crying. I have only seen my father get teary eyed once ( not even cry), but I am sure that as soon as he walked away from me, he cried in the car. Nonetheless, everyone has a breaking point, and the tears are merely the body trying to rid itself from grief and slowly let happiness back in.
I still think of you daily...

Love you,