Friday, June 29, 2007

My new Hero !

Thanks to my stranger friend Misty, I have become a big fan of Hollywood Farm Girl.
Her recent post about Larry King bumping Michael Moore has stirred the kettle on a lot of blogs.
Maybe because his interview was such a bomb that Farm Girl is looking like a good replacement for King.
I wish Farm Girl had a comment section so I could tell her I posted her column because I thought it was brilliant,
and only because she said everything I was thinking.
I will not presume she has read my blog, but I want her to know that I have Farm Girl size balls too,
I just don't write as well as her.

I think Rosie has said it the best about Larry King..

"Stick a Fork in him!!


nyela said...

I found you! And I was able to sign in and everything! It worked!!

Have you on bookmark now, and will be back, even if I don't frequent the "other" site too often.


Green tea said...

Yehhh welcome Nyela!!

Heidi said...

Do u think Larry King and " others"/ The dump truck need some " Green Tea"?

I think you might understand what I mean, ;)

Misty said...

Ha..yes they do Heidi--i think so! :)

Green tea said...

I love it every time Rosie says that on her blog..LOL

Green Tea my addiction, I became addicted to it as a child,
when My Grampa John would come to visit thats all he drank..and yeh beer too... :D

dragonflyfilly said... many blog to read, so little time... as "you know who said", i'll be back!

cheers for now, off to watch the Soccer