Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Farm Girl says it better then Me!

She really does:
TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2007

Dear Larry,

There are not many people who are blessed to have a position such as the one in which you find yourself today. I knew your name from years ago. I knew that if someone was on Larry’s show, it was a big deal. That guest would be smart, contributive, and poignant. I would walk away from your interviews, Larry, feeling as if I’d just been let in on a secret dinner conversation. I used to find your questions imaginative, original, and somewhat interesting and clever. Your suspenders, with matching ties… really, that is such a cute idea. It spells class all the way.

Your show used to have movers and shakers on it. Your show was once significant to the American society, as your show was not only entertaining, but educational and provokative as well. What a legacy you had going, Larry! Unheard of! Unprecedented! CNN! YOU! THE FIRST! GOOO LARRY!

Is it true you bumped Michael Moore from your show to interview a celebrity famous for her porn and drunk driving? Really? Remember Michael Moore? He made Farenheit 911? Changed how we Americans viewed the war? Perhaps your manorexia has caused your brain to eat itself, and you don’t recall. Or, maybe, CNN is owned by some neo-cons, and the decision wasn’t really up to you, it was up to the people who own CNN? Either way, Larry, I am sure you are hitting yourself. I know, I can’t imagine if I had to be you and sit there across fom some poptart who’s labia has seen more sunshine than Cheney’s drunk chrome on a hunting afternoon. I can’t imagine what you will have to tell yourself as you prep for that interview in the makeup chair.Just remember, Larry, as history is written, there will be proof spilled everywhere, like ink. The truth will berry-stain: impossible to forget stain… And you know what? I am going to look back at this time, a time when real journalists could have saved us all some grief by reporting truth instead of soaps, and I will laugh and say “Remember how Larry King dumped Michael Moore for Paris Hilton?”

Or maybe I won’t. I’ll probably have forgotten about you, Larry, and your gossip show. You just became forgettable.

Have a good interview, Larry. I’m off to see SICKO, and try to see about changing this world, not my ratings.

Hollywood Farmgirl


alan said...

I've felt that way about Larry since he spent night after night on O.J..

Thousands dying all over the world; hundreds dying here at home and we get Anna Nicole and Paris!


Deb said...

I was treated to the live action OJ type helicopter chase of supposed car caravans taking Hilton back to jail all during my workout session that day. If Paris Hilton wasn't enough, imagine listening to CNN chatter about Paris Hilton, fixated Paris groupies talking about the CNN chatter, and trying to survive an hour of aerobic exercise all at the same time! EEK!!

I did hear Larry King was being fitted for a Fonzie leather jacket, but I think they can hang it up now. Larry has definitely already "jumped the shark" even without it!

nyela said...

Oops! Google error!

Deb is me, Gigi! I managed to make it here!