Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't get sick In the good old USA

This summer Michael Moore's new movie Sicko is being released.
I watched him on Oprah this past week, the new Michael shaved and bathed, almost looking like an accountant.

Many of the stories in this movie will touch someone, somewhere.

The Health System in this country is broken.
Especially the Mental Health system
It is a strictly for profit.
Our country is ranked 37th in health care, below Costa Rica
mind you, check it out for your self if you don't believe
this statistic.

At one point in the movie Michael takes a group a First Responders
to 9/11 on a trip to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, where we are holding questionable
The First responders have been denied medical care in good old New York.
Meanwhile Michael has discovered that in Guantanamo those being held
there have much better medical care and it is free.
Isn't it strange that our country only believes in Universal health care
for them, but not for the rest of us.

I urge everyone to see this movie and think about it before you
choose your next president.

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for_the_lonely said...

I love his work, and own two of his DVD's. I will for sure check this out! I agree, there needs to be much more assistance for the mentally ill...there is such a negative light that is given to those that really are ill, and truly need the help. Hopefully our next president will listen...

Love you much,