Monday, June 25, 2007

Is someone trying to tell us some thing?

Spent the weekend at graduation receptions.

Saturday we went down to my nephews step daughters graduation reception.

The last one on Sunday was here in the western suburbs, very nice, we went early and headed home early.

We had a friend along and I was turned talking to her, when she yelled "look out."

I turned around in time to see my Hubba swerving out of the way of a car coming into the intersection.
Unfortunately not fast enough and the passenger door and front fender
of my brand new 2007 Mercury Milan got the brunt of it.

The other car lost his whole front end, my poor Hubba hasn't had so much as a parking ticket or accident in over 30 years.
So he was in semi shock I think.
I almost wished that I had been driving the car, then I could have jumped up and down and screamed to eliminate my stress.
The rest of the night I dealt with Mr. Pouty.
He was mad at him self, because he was looking for an exit sign and not the intersection.
The other driver was going pretty fast, but had the right of way.
The Officers were very kind and no tickets were issued, and most of all no one was injured.

Before I went to bed..I left a note reminding him of my nieces death and what our
family, especially her parents have been going though.

I said..
"No one was hurt..It's just a car..and you can always buy me a new one." :D

When he came home from work he had snapped out of his gloom.
He took the car to the body shop and got a rental for me.

If this had happened a month ago, maybe I wouldn't have been so calm about it.
Sure it made me ill to see my car like that.
But there was a young man and little boy in the other car, it could have been so much worse.
Another family could be grieving right now.

Maybe it is a wakeup call for all of us to be more observant on the road.
Next week is the 4th of July, think about this when you are driving,
I know I will.


Misty said...

So glad you are all safe and ok! My grandmother (the one i wrote you about) had an accident last week! She drove thru a stop sign. She is fine..but the car is wrecked and she kept feeling badly about that..I am just glad she was ok..same as you felt about hubba.
Hug him for us and tell him we're glad he's ok too!

Green tea said...

Glad your gram is OK, sometimes it's
just a matter of distraction.
I think we have all gone through a sign or two in our life time.
Pure luck..

I am surprised there are not more accidents,when I see everyone driving with a phone coming out of their ear.

alan said...

So very glad you are both all right!