Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Proud to be Irish.!!

I have always been very proud of my Irish/English heritage.

On both my Mothers( Trowbridge) and Fathers ( Eaton) side we have been able to trace the English blood back to early years in those countries and maybe even to Francis Eaton who signed the Mayflower Compact in 1620.

My Irish side has been harder to trace, my maternal Grandmother was Irish.
Her Grandparents came from County Cork and that's about all we know.
We aren't even sure of her Grandfathers name.

Along with this "precious" blood line comes the curse on people of Irish/English descent, that shows up in skin cancers and other damage the sun does to fair skinned people who were stupid in their youth when they tried to get a tan, and did nothing but burn and peel.

I am paying for it the same way my mother did. I have been to the Doctor 3 times to remove Basil Cell skin cancers from my cheek.
Cells keep showing up in the outer areas during the biopsy.

My Doctor has now recommended a procedure that will be done by a Specialist where they will slowly take samples and examine while I wait until all of the affected area is removed.

I have a niece that has been through this and she told me it's better to have the Specialist do this because they can do it with out leaving much scarring.
In fact I couldn't even see hers.
But then her skin is much younger and more elastic

It just seems to me it would have been simpler for me and my Insurance company if I had been referred to a Specialist at the onset of the problem.
But hey, Insurance Companies don't work that way they try to get by the cheap route and then it ends up costing more money not to mention the time of the doctor and patient

I am just wondering what happens if it's all over my face?

Will the insurance company cough up money for a plastic surgeon if I need one?
When I asked the scheduler this she laughed, and I'm not sure if she thought I was being funny or if she laughed at the idea that my insurance would pay big bucks for a plastic surgeon.

Well only time will tell, and I couldn't even get an appointment for the procedure till August 8th.

If I do get the plastic surgeon, I'm leaning towards the Angelina Jolie look,
well without the big lips though.


Heidi said...

Now it's my turn to send positive thoughts that everything will be ok and no skin cancer. Goodluck and keep us updated.

alan said...

Best of luck with this. I have enough Heinz 57 going for me that though freckled and somewhat fair, I do eventually tan, though if I'm not careful I burn with the best of them.

I'm in love with Banana Boat's waterproof "tears free" formula. Though intended for kids, it doesn't sting when I sweat and it runs in my eyes, and seems to last all least 6 or 7 hours worth anyway, which is about all the fishing my back can stand for now! SPF 50 on top of my bald head, over my face, ears and neck; 30 on my arms and legs...