Saturday, November 08, 2008

Worst Person In the World

I am still recovering from Election night.

We are in the midst of a recount vote for Senate,
not wanting to jinx anything I will wait to discuss that race.

Minnesota voters are a mixed lot.
They voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, but
they also sent back to Congress 2 very conservative members of Congress.
I can understand a Republican area choosing John Kline who
fits the voters there.
But in the 6th District they chose bimbo Michele Bachman
over a moderate Democrat El Tinklinberg,
who would have given that area some respect back.
Michele Bachman is a loose cannon, she told everyone 3 years ago that
God spoke to her and told her to run for Congress.

Then during Bushes State of the State address in 2007
she acted like a rock star groupie when Bush walked by,
placing her hands on him and holding on till he finally gave her a kiss.

Larry King for some reason was including her as one of the Republican
commentators, giving her lots of free air time.
When she finally showed the American people what a dimwit she was on Hardball
I honestly thought her district would open their eyes and send someone with a brain to Washington.

But I was wrong.

El Tinklenberg's loss was the result of ticket splitters, who would rather send
back a lame brain before they would vote a straight ticket.

With the following statement to Michele Bachman earned Keith Olbermnann's
Worst person in the World" award on Last nights show.

"After suggesting that Barack Obama had anti-American views in an exchange three weeks ago with MSNBC host Chris Matthews, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told Politico Thursday that she was “extremely grateful that we have an African-American who has won this year.” She called his victory “a tremendous signal we sent."

In case you didn't catch this on Hardball, just watch!!
Then tell me if you don't think she is a hypocrite.

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Riot Kitty said...

Ick. She sounds like one of these people who makes us embarrassed to be female!