Sunday, November 09, 2008

Needing some Sunshine !

It's really hard to get back into the swing of things,
after spending the last year pretty much wrapped up in campaigns.
Yesterday and today I have been feeling let down.
You know how it is when you climb that steep hill
then you slowly have to walk back down.
Or when you are looking so forward to something
and when it is over you just feel like covering your head with the covers.

This morning when I woke up it was even worse,
that sick feeling you get in your stomach when something is wrong.

I need to go shopping for a refrigerator but I didn't think it was that.

While I was paying bills and writing the date Nov. 9th down a couple times,
it hit me.
November 9th 1994, 13 years ago was my Moms funeral, she died on the 2nd
and I hadn't even thought about it because I was so involved with the election.

I think maybe she was giving me a nudge, she didn't like being ignored.
We are heading into the holiday season her favorite time of year, but not mine.
She loved coming up to the big city and hitting all the stores even though
she had been done with her Christmas shopping
months before.
It was fun, but exhausting, I couldn't keep up with her.

She became very independent after my dads death, she took driving lessons
so she could drive her self to work at the St.Peter State Hospital.
She was an LPN and she worked with the geriatric
In those days we had state institutions for those who could not afford private nursing homes.

After she retired, she did a lot of traveling with her friends, she was busy all the time.
One of her traveling companions and best friends Grace who is 98 years old and she is
still living in her own apartment.
I talked to her a while ago, she hasn't been feeling very well lately but she
was so excited about the election.
Grace was a Hillary supporter that jumped right on Obama's train.
I am sure my Mom would have too, even though she didn't like politics that much.

Now that I have acknowledged my Mom maybe
my stomach will settle down.

We'll see tomorrow..


Chris said...

OMG...I think we have a lot in common...responded to a comment on D's blog...don't have time now for more as I have a grand daughter with an ear infection, sore throat, and high temp...More later..........

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: Many thanks for responding to my note about Trevor's surgey Monday morning. I pasted your comment into Trevor's Caringbridge site with no trouble. What a lovely, caring soul you are!
Thank You. :)

Riot Kitty said...

Hey, I like Grace! You are a sweetie.

Misty said...

((((Gigi))) Wow. I was feeling so is amazing. You are the best...just so you know!

d said...

I hope things are going better for you. I have two death anniversaries this month. November seems to be the time when a lot of people pass. Perhaps its partly due to the colder weather, less sunlight, etc.

Then again, perhaps I'm just more in tune to this month than most of the others.

Nonetheless, I teared up just a little bit while reading your post. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Chris said...

What a lovely tribute! As I was reading, I was remembering my Grandmother, who did so many of the same things...she was always my hero woman! Thanks for reminding me! The election made me forget about a lot of things too....even forgot my brother's birthday on Nov. 5th!!!