Thursday, November 13, 2008

Letter from a Marine !

Techy Flash at Centrisity received a letter
from his son Sgt. Tom.

I want to share the thoughts from this Marine
who at one time was going to make the service his career.

Flash wrote to Sgt. Tom

"So your last E-Mail said you reconsidered re-upping so you can go to school.
Did the desert change your mind?
As for a school, the U of MN has a great program *wink*
Would LOVE to have you back in the state. We miss you to death!"

"The desert didn't really affect my state of mind, it was more looking
at the way the machine affects the people who have been in for a long
time. If you stay in this Gun club for too long you start to loose
track of who you are on a more personal level. Its hard to describe
but you loose a piece of who you used to be, you change. On the other
hand you also get stronger in other areas. I guess its a hand off. I
look at it as I did my time, now its time to move on. With the new GI
bill taking effect in Aug 2009, I will be properly equipped to move on
to the next level. If you ever have time to kill you should google
"new GI Bill". They started a site for it. Its pretty good stuff.

I would like to be a structural engineer, or do something in developing
more efficient alternative energy. I'm not sure but I will figure out
as I get further down the path. Right now I have 9 months left on my
contract. pretty crazy to think its been near 5 years since I got out
of High School.

Well I am glad the boys got through the first quarter, I just wish
they knew what I know now. The value of an education. If I have gotten
anything from the marine corps its an appreciation for higher learning

Well I gotta run dad, It was great hearing from you.
Love your son

Now we just hope he gets out of that sand trap safe.

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D said...

Four years was enough for me. Some of us serve for one enlistment. Others, for a career. No matter what, service is service and should be honored no matter how long or how short.

alan said...

Just before I planned on re-enlisting, a pilot I knew well was seriously injured in a crash. He lingered for 30 days before he succumbed to his injuries, after which they declared the accident "pilot error" so they could keep their "accident free flight hours".

I didn't re-up...


Michael Manning said...

Me too, Gigi. I was Very lucky to see my brother return from Vietnam as a tot and I've never forgotten it. It was pure Hell on my family. My thoughts and sincere prayers for his safe return! :)