Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Goodby to W !!

Soon the polls will close and we will know who our new President is.

I don't believe in predictions, maybe I am just a little too superstitious.
If you want predictions go to my Centrisity link.

My stomach has been flipping all day, it has been a long time since
we had a major win that was good for our country.

People voted for George Bush not because they thought
he would be the best President, but because they would prefer to have a
beer with him instead of stuffy old Gore or Kerry.
A chance in hell unless you were a multi-millionaire.

Bush and Cheney were the worst things to ever happen to our country
and I think that is why you are seeing so many Republican's jumping ship this year.

An Obama Presidency isn't going to be as good as the Clinton years at first,
he will have way to much damage to repair.

But one thing I am certain of, the world will look at us a lot differently
if Obama and Biden are leading our country.

So if you haven't voted yet,
there is time, and when you do,
come share your experience here im my comments.

I am going down for the election night party in St.Paul
with my niece and her husband the Mayor of our town.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed until the votes come in.


D said...

What an amazing night!!! I am on cloud nine with Obama being #44. :-)

Green tea said...

Un #$@% believable...
YES WE DID!!!!!!
A new world for my G kids....

Riot Kitty said...


Anonymous said...

YES WE DID!!!! Being too skeptical to believe the polls and the pundits, I was actually amazed that not only did Obama win, but he won so fast that I was in my car between election parties when I heard the news. My expectation was that I would be in the middle of an Obama crowd when his win was announced. Yet it was still exciting and inspiring to hear all the horns honking around me, and see all the people literally dancing on the sidewalks. Much later when I finally made my way home long after 1:00 in the morning other drivers who like me sported Obama stickers on their bumpers were honking and waving at me all the way home.

Over the last two weeks, Republicans were starting to get nastier and nastier when I was door knocking. I couldn't help but think to myself, 'you know, it's really not a good idea to be mean to someone knocking on your door, because they now know where you live.' So I started writing down the names and addresses of every rude and evil person who made a disparaging remark about Barack Obama. They will all get Barack Obama Christmas cards from Santa Claus this year. tee hee
God Bless America!


alan said...

I fear waking up and finding it all a dream...


Green tea said...

A good lesson to learn don't mess with runningwoman..LOL