Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking forward to a New World !

I received an e-mail from a niece, one of Hubba's step brothers daughters.
She had some questions about her Grandmother ( Dads Mother).

I wondered what my in laws
would be thinking about todays elections.
Her dad Vane was one of my favorite people and political nemesis.
It took him sometime to warm up to me when I married his baby brother.
His wife like me was an Irish Catholic and this didn't play well in a
Lutheran Republican family, we became very close friends.
Another brother also married an Italian Catholic he met while stationed in Germany during the Viet Nam war.
After trying to live in his home town ,
they eventually settled in northern Italy
where they raised 3 children who still live there.

Needless to say we were not the favorite daughter in laws.

My Hubba was only 4 years old when his widowed father married
the young widow with 4 sons, and he and his 6 year
old sister who had been living with their Paternal Grandma
finally had a family.
He and Vane the youngest was 6 years old
and they became the best of buddies.

Vane and I had lots of friendly disagreements over
candidates and I really missed him during this last election cycle.
I don't think Mother in law and I would have had any discussions,
ignoring the ethnicity of Obama would have been difficult for her and also for
my father in law.

She was not to blame for her chilly attitude towards her G kids,
in many ways it had to do with her upbringing.
She was raised by a single dad who I doubt handed out very many hugs.
She resented the fact that she was not able to go on to college.
She told me her Father did not believe in girls furthering their education.
I don't think she was raised with a lot of warmth either.
I'm not sure how she was toward her sons.
It was her loss not having G kids who wanted to spend time with her.
I think I opened my nieces eyes a little bit about her G mom
and the fact it had to do with that old German way of rearing children.
Germans are not known for their warmth.

Hopefully we have broken that cycle with the next generation.

It was so good to hear from these young people in the family
who are so supportive of our new president and maybe the
next Generation will do a better job in uniting this country.


fineartist said...

I am a Irish and German, and Catholic, my grandma used to say we were mick hunns.

Yay Obama!

xo, Lori

D said...

My paternal grandfather was very racist. He's probably rolling in his grave. I didn't care for him very much, so I hope he enjoys the rolling thing for the next four (hopefully eight) years!

alan said...

Here here to those hopes for the next generation!


Chris said...

I think we have finally moved on to the next level as far as equality...thinking back to where my grandparents were (not as bad as some for their generation-not so much racist as just ignorant), then my parents (mine were into learning and now are Obama people!) My daughter wondered "where are all of the other people?" when we moved to a less culturally diverse town!!!! My grand daughters just are not aware of any differences!!!!!!! We have definitely turned a corner....isn't it wonderful?

Riot Kitty said...

It sounds like you have broken that cycle by being such a loving person. I wish I had a relative like you!