Friday, September 26, 2008

Where was Sarah?

I decided to stay home tonight and watch the debates by myself.
There was a party and I know it would have been a lot more fun
watching with friends.
But I am glad I stayed home.

My initial reaction during the debate was Barack was being too nice.
I liked it during his acceptance speech in Denver when he shouted ENOUGH!!
I wish he had shown a little bit of that tonight.

John McCain did a lot better then I expected,
he had a good handle on the issues, but overall his personality wasn't there.
He can be quite funny, and yes some times even witty.

But tonight he reminded me of an old guy down the street
when I was growing up, who would holler at us when we took a shortcut through
his yard on the way to school.
I think his persona tonight is going to be what most people remember.
So one debate down and I think this one goes to Obama.

Just on like ability

By the way where was Sarah? Joe Biden was there talking to the pundits
Guilliani was the surrogate for McCaine.

I predict that next Friday Sarah Palin will either, not be McCaine's VP
or she will be kidnapped by aliens, so she doesn't have to debate
Joe Biden.
If she is there, I'm popping the corn!!


John said...

Where was Sarah? Who cares, the fact of the maater if that tradinaly the vp pick does not appear at the presidental debates.

The fact that Biddin did is a resolute of one of two things.

1. Biddin is a puptet for the left leaning meadia and or he can't get enought of him self.

2. It is part of the Obama "change".

Now as far as the debate went I think it was a tie and have more on my blog at

I also thing the acusation of Sarah not being McCains pick is out of order. The fact is Sarah has given McCain a big boost. The media of course was worried as they went to Alaska to dig up any dirt they could find on her. Guess what they were very unsucceful in that.

Green tea said...

John, I suggest you read mudflats
one of my links.

Michael Manning said...

I debated in high school. We had two freaks in my Speech Class. One of them stood up to give his --what else?--speech and began with a reference to the other freak in the room. "Well, um. Freaks like Woody and me don't belong here in school". The teacher was strict and corrected him. "Freaks like Woody and I, Mr. Martin!" I almost died laughing!!! :D)

J said...


I love you!!! *smile*

Riot Kitty said...

Or she'll get some mysterious illness?

John: Whilst you're out educating yourself about politics, learn to spell!

Riot Kitty said...

Also, Mr. Duluth - there is PLENTY of dirt on Sarah Palin - and the rest of the candidates. It's not a partisan thing. Do your homework.

lis said...

I had the same thot on Palin about some how backing out of the debate. I mean hey 3 interviews that have revealed what an embarrassment she is to that ticket, doesn't even know anything about McCain and his senatorial history. They've kept her hidden since the 'Couric' interview, that was soo enlightening at least to Palin's ignorance.... Yeah maybe the daughter will go into labor and need her momma or some such... One thing is for certain if the debate goes on Biden will chew her up and spit her out.
The last debate it was soo strange that McCain could not even look at Obama, now how can he be trusted if he can't look at his opponent in the eye?