Monday, September 08, 2008

Ellen Rocks!!

It is cold and cloudy, I am going grab my Blankie, a cup of Green tea
and go watch Ellen.
Then maybe I can get my groove on for the rest of the week.
Meanwhile check my previous blog.
and Do something!!


fineartist said...

I love Ellen too, love the way she dances, love her humor, yeah pretty much love all of her, oh and you too.

alan said...

Hope you are doing all right in spite of the rising bullshit...

Wish I had some hip waders!


Green tea said...

Lori you are special.. :D

Alan there are day I don't want to turn on the TV..
If these crooks and liars get into office I think we are doomed..
I just hope all those young people so
gaga over Obama that they ignored Hillary's experience show up at the polls..