Saturday, September 06, 2008

Home is where the Heart is !

We just got home from our home town St,Peter, Mn.

This weekend was Rock Bend Fest,
a park full of vendors, blues, folk and some low key rock bands.
We visited with a lot of old friends and some extended family.
Had a few political discussions and the over all thought
was Sarah Palin ain't no Joe Biden.
She will need a little bit more then a hot body,
and a pretty face to get elected.
These small town people know a lot of Sarah Palin's
and they were not that impressed.
Her speech didn't play well in a town that
is the home of 5 Republican Minnesota Governors.
I am feeling much better after talking to many of them.
Sure they could have been saying what they thought I wanted to hear,
but in the past they didn't have any trouble telling me
I was full of it if they thought so.

We'll see what happens over the next couple weeks.

Until then this is my guy!!


Mary said...

My niece is in St Peter. She started at Gustavas this week. She was really excited to meet and listen to Al Franken this evening. She is even joining the college Dems.

I talked to one person who thinks that Palin will win this for her party. All she can think about is drilling and doesn't understand that her health care gets worse now that she is retired.

ALl the teachers didn't like her speak and don't think that a Mccain administration is going to help public Ed.

I praying morning, noon, and night, we cannot make it thorugh four more years. As a single parent who cannot afford to cover her daughter with health insurance I get it. There are so many more issue....

Green tea said...

Really scary huh??

Mary you will have to go down and visit your niece.
When you do, go have lunch at Whiskey River..
2 of my Hubbas' nieces are at Gustavus, they are both juniors this year.
Really excellent college

yellowdog granny said...

she believes in abstinence only...yah, how's that working for her?

fineartist said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit at your home town and the concert sounds fun as heck too. x