Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Me and the Ladies..

Today I went on a trip with my Woman's Club.
We went to Lake City Mn. near Red Wing, and took a cruise on a paddle boat
on Lake Pepin.
Slowly, just enjoying the peace and quiet,
and trying to connect with nature.

Unfortunately, things don't stop while we are living our lives.

I came home to the news that John McCain wanted to suspend his campaign and postpone? the debate on the Economy scheduled for Friday night .
He was returning to Washington to help work through the latest Economic crisis.
Give me a break!!
His polls are slumping,because he has admitted he doesn't have a handle on the economy and the Republicans are responsible for this crisis and he doesn't
quite know how to spin it yet.
The pink elephant in the room is the millions of dollars the war in Iraq is costing the tax payers, plus the Bush tax cuts to the rich that the Republicans want to extend.
He is shaking in his boots that someone may bring up Charles Keating and people might google the Keating Five and find skeleton's in his closet.

If he and Obama have to go to Washington and meet with Bush and Congress, then their VP candidates should continue the campaign.
I'm sure Barack has confidence in Joe Biden even though he sometimes speaks his mind
instead of a script.
Is it possible that in his heart McCain doesn't really trust his choice for VP ?
I guess time will tell.

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Riot Kitty said...

Perhaps he just thought, "Eh, she's cute, let's pick this one!" Stranger things have happened :)