Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time for a Break

We are off to Mesa tomorrow to see friends and relatives.
Just a short little break in the winter.
We should have gone last week , when it turned so frigid.
Well at least when we fly home next Monday we'll be met
with warmer temps.
I won't have access to the internet or even cable.
I shall survive..


for_the_lonely said...

Have a very safe trip, and enjoy yourself! :)

Love ya,

Michael Manning said...

Safe Travels Green Tea! Have Fun!!:D

Riot Kitty said...


Foster Communications said...

Enjoy! If anyone deserves a trip to someplace warm it is a Minnesotan.
Bring some sunny double digit temps back with you to MN! :)

fineartist said...

You'll survive but what about us? Heh, we're gonna miss you Ms green T, G G.

Suck up the sunshine and know that you are missed. xxoo

Misty said...

Have a wonderful time and enjoy the warmth!!

alan said...

If I went somewhere warm right now I might not come back...