Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary doesn't like to Iron shirts!

Congratulations to Senator Clinton, who showed the good old boys in NH, she isn't ready to iron shirts.
This is a horse race right now and it is time for the Media to quit trying to shove their choices down the voters throats.
Last night, Chris Matthews MSNBC trying to tell people Clinton's campaign was terminally wounded, had egg on his face tonight.
Jack Cafferty CNN who would make choking sounds when he would read a complimentary message about her, is probably choking himself tonight.

I like all three of the Democratic candidates.
They all have good ideas and are going to bring back the respect that our country use to have.
My thoughts,
I can't wait for the next person who calls me to survey.

I will lie through my teeth..


Flash said...

""is time for the Media to quit trying to shove their choices""

But their choice has been very clear, it is Hillary, and without them, she would have not had the chance to rebound in NH

I am starting to warm to Hillary, but if individuals try to make it a gender thing, it will cause me to re-evaluate again. Its about the best person for the job, and my current support of Richardson has nothing to do with Hillary being a woman. Those that imply that, must not have anything else good to say about her, which makes me wonder.


fineartist said...

I love that Hil has bounced back too!

I like all of the democratic candidates, and I'm not sure which one I'm most fond of yet, but one thing is certain with me, I will be voting democratic come hell or high water!

Green tea said...

Well Flash I didn't see the same Media coverage you did..most of the pundits were gleeful that Obama
beat her so readily in Iowa.
Constantly showing her human moment and implying it was planned.
Last night on MSNBC Tom Brokow scolded old Chris Matthews a little.

You know where I am coming from..whoever is left standing, will get my help.

I'm with you.. I can live with any
one of them..
I just don't know how they can do this for 10 more months..

Flash said...

*sigh* Richardson has waved the White Flag. Some day we'll have a system where the best person for the job at least has a chance.

I am uncommitted . . . . again!

Foster Communications said...

I agree. And I used to be a reporter. It's just so frustrating when reporters act like astrologers. Pat Kessler on WCCO is the worst!

Like you, I'll pick who is left standing, but I have a soft spot for Edwards and having a Clinton or a woman in office doesn't sound half bad either!

Green tea said...

Flash you are still a young pup, You'll survive..

I have had far more losses then I have had wins.
I'm still hangin it there. :D

alan said...

For once the BBC seems to be even worse, perhaps because it's not their own election.

I saw a sign years ago that said "a working man who votes Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders"...


Michael Manning said...

I agree that "less is more" with all this early coverage. Maybe there will be a Steven Segal movie on in the workout room to make my treadmill time fly by! I could never be a George Stephanopolous (who blew it with Jennifer Gray!)analyzing all this stuff. He said/she said...:)

Riot Kitty said...

You go sister!
Found your blog from Foster Communications.

I lived in MN until I was six, so you're in good company ;)