Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dems 2 Wing Nuts 0

I watched with much trepidation the Democratic debates tonight.
I was afraid that maybe I would see a car wreck.
But I was pleasantly surprised.
Personally I liked Joe Biden, and when he withdrew,
I had planned on supporting Edwards
at Minnesota's caucuses.
I did not think he would drop out of the race before then, but he did.
So I will be voting for Hillary in the binding ballot we will have.
The debate tonight helped me reinforce my decision, because of their stands on health care.
Hillary's plan is closer to Edwards, a Universal Single Payer plan that would cover everyone.
Barack's plan for lower premium costs, leaves too many people out of the loop.
But don't get me wrong, this is the first time I can ever remember
that I would be happy with either one of them on the top and hope the other will take a VP slot.

In contrast McCaine and Romney's debate found them sniping at each other.
I watched McCaine sitting there with a smirk similar to Bushes every time Romney opened his mouth.
McCaine was baiting Mitt all night long giving the Pundits lots of fodder.

February 5th Super Tuesday will be the first caucus in 25 years that I have not
been in charge of organizing it.
It has been great not having that pressure this year.
When I chose not to run for Chair of the of our Senate District in 2006, some very capable people came forward,
and are doing a great job.
So next Tuesday I will go to my precinct caucus, cast my vote for Hillary, and add my name to the Districts volunteer list.

I swing a mean hammer when putting up those lawn signs, and hey I might get a free t-Shirt.


Riot Kitty said...

I was rooting for Edwards, too - he seemed to be the only candidate that really cared about poor people. I hope he gets the VP slot.

And nice to see the GOP eat their young for a change. The Democrats are way too good at doing it.

Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: As an Independent, I watch both debates very carefully and shake my head at the vitriol of both parties. Romney glared at everyone down the table. Clinton and Obama behaved very badly avoiding each other in public. I will say this, since a "human touch" is badly needed. I feel badly about what John Edwards' wife is facing, as married friends of mine in Texas who are in their 70's lost their daughter at age 30 to this same exact form of cancer Mrs. Edwars has. The Edwards already lost a son. This will be a very tough year or so for the Edwards' household. No one seems to acknowledge this. I feel for their plight. And for the record, I salute you for being involved. I dislike politics so much!

fineartist said...

I would have liked to see Edwards make it as Pres and either Hil or Obamma as vice, and was somewhat shattered when Edwards dropped out. I loved that he was proposing to stand up to the status quo, and that he had crazy mad plans to help people who are not wealthy gain some kind of fairness in this life, by changing the taxation laws, and other things too.

You inspire me, maybe I'll have to pick up a hammer too! xx

Green tea said...
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Green tea said...

Hey Artist..ponding those signs is one of the best exercises in the world.. *grin*

Green tea said...

Last night's Democratic Debate was a love fest.
Two very capable people discussing the issues.
I found out very early that politics isn't for everyone,
but the only way to make changes is to get involved.

Look for John to get a Cabinet position. I don't think he would take the VP slot.

for_the_lonely said...

You are such an astounding wonder I adore you! :)

Welcome home! :)

Green tea said...

Sara Lee?
Hey there, I'm still waiting for that first draft.. *grin*

ZILLA said...

Did you know, Green Tea, that currently, of the millions of uninsured in the United States, 25% of them are eligible for FREE insurance, and for their own reasons do not enroll -- my son, who is a young adult is very proactive with his health, but is one who chooses not to enroll. My husband's company employs nine people and we pay 100% of the Blue Cross premiums that cover them and their families: 25 people. Most of them are lucky or young or pro-active enough not to have made health insurance claims.

Yes, health-care should be available to those who want it or need it, but the decision about whether or when to apply for government aid of any kind should be kept a private matter. It may even keep costs down. Nobody should lose their home due to astronomical medical bills, but nobody should be forced to enroll in programs they don't feel are necessary for them.

I like Barack's plan in that it makes health care accessible, but keeps the private citizen responsible to himself.

I'm also hugely in favor of taking the cap off of social security even though it would cost us personally quite a bit; I would add that social security claims by those who are socially "secure" without it is just vulgar. I know millionaires who receive social security checks, and I consider it an abuse of a program that was designed to ensure security, not send people on cruises, help them grow more wealth, or buy shinier cars. Remove the cap, and deny claims by those who don't truly need the dough.

Other than that, I'm just still not able to get over the issue of character. I don't trust her; so far, he hasn't given me a reason not to trust him. He gets my support. I would consider electing her if he were also on the ticket -- in the superior position. If she got the nom and chose him as running mate, I'm not sure what I'd do. Probably pray a lot :-)

Nice blog you have here, Green Tea. Thanks for a good read.

Tara said...

First time visiting your blog. I think I'll be back! We're a Hillary house... our quality of life has done nothing but decline since Bill left the White House. Now we are looking at taking 10k our of our retirement so that my husband can have gallbladder surgery. And we have insurance. And one of those glorious HSA deals. That 10k won't cover the additional 10k we have racked up on credit cards to cover other medical expenses that were not covered. Last month hub and daughter caught colds that turned into sinus infections. $500 out the door for two doctor visits, two rounds of antibiotics and a nasal spray... generic, visits with the fast clinic in the grocery store because it's $10 less than going to the real doctor. Surgeon won't even see hub or schedule the surgery until we pay a large percentage up front because of "the kind of insurance we have."
What on earth has this country come to?
People may not get warm fuzzies from Hillary but I think she's the woman to get the job done.
I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Green tea said...

Thank you zilla and tara for stopping by..
My object is to make people think
and also maybe to entertain.
There is no perfect Insurance plan..
I just happen to like Hillary's better.