Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama wins Iowa !

I wasn't all that surprised by Obama's win in Iowa.

He is responsible for re energizing the Democratic Party.
Tonight reminded me a little of 1960.
The young supporting JFK and the old timers behind Stevenson
Like Kennedy, Obama is responsible for bringing
young people into the party to give it new blood.

This isn't over yet for Clinton and Edwards, this is just the beginning.

I think the big winner tonight was the Democratic party, because a tidal
wave swept through Iowa, a red state.
The Democrats doubled their turn out from 2004, twice as many
as the Republicans.

I am very excited about where this country could be going.

I just hope we stay on the right track


Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: I'm observing, but leary of polls. This is without a doubt, the most important election in our history. But the issues we now face are frankly exhaustive to me. I am paying attention but with the spirit of "I am disappointed and rarely impressed. However, I welcome the chance to become impressed". So, I'm skeptical of everyone so early out yet. :)

Green tea said...

Michael it is good to be an observer
at least you are paying attention.
I don't trust polls either.
The Media is quick to jump on anyone's band wagon and then pound the leaders into the ground later.
Yes this "IS" the most important election in history and also of my life, and my kids.
It will affect my G kids for years.

Iraq is bankrupting our country.
Things have to change.

Foster Communications said...

I am so looking forward to change, new person in office. Even of the Republicans, none of them seem quite as dumb as Bush. I think Democrats will pull off a win. If not, it can't be AS bad....

Green tea said...

Sorry Jessica,
They may not appear as uninformed accept maybe Huckabee who needs to read a few news papers.
But any of those Republicans will follow the same road as Bush.
Cutting programs to the poor, education continue the tax cuts to the rich, etc.
They will keep most of the same people surrounding them and will also get to pack the Supreme Court with radical right thinkers.
All of them accept Ron Paul will stay the coarse in Iraq. I want our kids home as soon as possible.
Send them to New Orleans and clean up our own mess down there.

fineartist said...

Oh green tea I couldn't agree with you more, we need to bring our people home!

I was a little surprised about Iowa's outcome, but very pleased too!


alan said...

Sorry to have been aloft in the whirl of things these last couple of weeks...thank you for all your kind words and encouragement through them!

I am almost afraid to hope...yes, I feel some of that energy I remember from the 60's, but it's 1968 and Bobby I remember, not Jack. (I was only 4 then.)

I re-read Bobby's "To Seek a Newer World" early this last summer; it's amazing how far ahead of his time he was, and how little has truly changed. So many of the same issues, only covered by a different Band-Aid!

Still, my fingers are crossed and my heart is longing for a new Camelot!


Misty said...

It IS exciting! We watched the Democratic debates..loved it!