Saturday, December 22, 2007


Here I sit drinking Oprah's favorite
Pomegranate Martini with my own twist,
she uses way to much Pomegranate juice.
My version is

2 shots vanilla vodka,
1/2 shot Triple Sec
2 shots juice
Very tasty, and it might be my new favorite holiday drink.

We had our family Christmas today, and it went by way to fast.
All the preparation for just a few hours, but it was
so fun to see the Grand kids and listen to their lives
It's different when there is only one cute little 5 1/2 year old
Princess Amalia.
The joy of Christmas is because of children.

The rest of the G kids are age 13 to 28 and their lives are so busy.
Two of our Granddaughters had to work, so we missed seeing them.
I hope we can catch up sometime in the next couple weeks.

We played a couple games to exchange gifts and I enjoyed them very much,
something better then just sitting and opening gifts.
In the past when our 3 oldest Grandsons were young, we would end the night playing Trivial Pursuit, or cards.
But now every one is in such a rush and it is hard to try and find a relaxing way
to spend the holidays.
Trying to make things less stressful is stressful in its self.
Next year we will have another Granddaughter in law
and she has a few tricks up her sleeve already for next Christmas.
Our second oldest grandson will be getting married on Memorial day weekend.
Their daughter Princess Amalia will be the flower girl.
She is growing her red hair long and
if I have my way she will wear a crown.

Christmas day we will go to my brothers family celebration,
one member of his family won't be there.

We will all be thinking about her.

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Michael Manning said...

Green Tea: I need to copy this one down and try it! :)