Friday, December 14, 2007

Kenny Kenmore

After waiting all day on Monday, service plus came around 3:30.
Diagnosis was quick, it was the heating element on the defroster and of course he had to order the part.
He spent about an hour with a heating gun melting the ice on the coils, and told me it would be fine for a couple days.
I left everything out in the garage anyway.
When the part came, I called and rescheduled and they came back Tuesday around 4:00.
So my latest bump was taken care of and thanks to Service Plus we didn't have to pay the couple hundred bucks it would have cost.
Bill the Repairman told me I should have a few good years left on Kenny Kenmore,
but being the skeptic I am,
I think I'll be shopping next spring.
Now back to my original plans.

Thanks for the good thoughts.


Jessica Foster said...

What a bummer. I suppose you could have put your food outside, it's not like it's getting above freezing anytime soon!

alan said...

Thank you for your kind words the other day!

I'm glad this worked out like it did! Remember to check out Epinions while you are doing your research, I think you'll be pleased!